Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a date?

Date included everything started from a genuie conversation, continue with fun time together and end up the most intimate part. Its all up to your preferences. I offer true girlfriend experience.

How to book me?

Contact me on Whatsapp. Email me to info@jennydoll.net

How should I pay you?

Please always pay me in cash at the beginning of our date. Please have it ready. Accept Czech crowns, euro or dollar.

What extras are there?

I offer some extra service, but almost everything is included. You can take a look at my service.

Do I have to wear a condom?

Yes, I offer safe sex with condom. Bare blowjob is possible.


I dont required deposits mostly. Only if I need to be sure. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel our meeting.

What do I dislike in the bedroom?

I’m a really open minded person but for the best experience it’s really important to agree things before you do them. Please ask or make sure I like something before you do it and we will have an amazing time. 

How should I prepare for a date?

I expected good hygiene as a standard and great attitude from you side. We are here to have a fun, you dont need to take it so seriously, dont be to affraid because of it.